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Hello my people! As we transition from summer to fall – let’s take this time to prepare for the colder months. Something that affects me is the lack of sunlight in the morning hours that is prevalent in summer. During the colder and darker-morning months I like to have these pick-me-ups in order for my day to be successful.

1. Sunlight Alarm

Ode to technology and science! Who has an alarm on their phone? And who hits snooze multiple times? Well as it turns out – a blaring alarm clock does not always work (surprise!).

I was that person that refused to get up and would just go back to bed. When I did more research on how to get up early and stick with the schedule, I found Sunrise Alarm Clocks! I was amazed at the science of it and how it resembles the warm sun light in the mornings.

Since my wake-up time needs to be before the sun wakes up during winter, this was a must for me! The alarm will slowly wake you up as the light begins to shine warmer and warmer until it’s time for your alarm to ring. I have found it to be a must for me during the winter months. Give it a try and let me know if it works out for you!

2. Coffee Mug

Coffee is a definite must for me – especially during the fall/winter months! I use my Hydro Flask Coffee Mug and it keeps my cup of Joe hot for hours. What I love about this Hydro Flask is that it has a handle on it unlike the tumbler version. Hot coffee – enjoy!

3. Animal Crossing

Guilty as charged – I love Animal Crossing!

From it’s Wild World version to the latest New Horizons. This game has gotten me through some of my toughest moments. Something about living in a stress-free island where your only worries are catching the season’s bugs and fish is relaxing.

For those of you that don’t know what Animal Crossing is – it’s a Nintendo-only game series where you play as a cute animated character. You live in an island and your only job (after a couple of tasks in the beginning) is to enjoy “your life” in the island and catch fish and bugs. Your neighbors are adorable animals that each have their own personality.

Something is always happening in the game to keep you entertained. For example, players are able to experience seasons as well as holidays. You are also able to customize your home to your liking with hundreds of furniture items and wallpaper/flooring galore (please check out some of the rooms of Animal Crossing players on reddit or pinterest – they are beautiful!). Give it a whirl if you have a Switch – it’s a great game and allows you to tap into your creativity.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading all of your blog. As a Baby Boomer I was strict by you being 23 years old, I’m 65 years old and we both still have things in common. Thank you

    1. Hi Lori!

      It makes me happy that you enjoyed the blog! Your comment is kind and appreciated 🙂

      Thank you, Lori!

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