Products I Stand Behind

I am all for saving money. This is why I choose products of high quality. I’ve found that spending a bit more on the front end will save a lot of money down the road! Most of the items I’ve listed have lasted years with constant use. And better yet, they work like new! FinessingLife earns an affiliate commission from the links on this page. This helps with the continued growth of however, we will only ever share products we truly believe in. Thank you!


I cannot rave enough about my Hydro Flask! I’m the kind of person that needs a bottle of some sort in order to drink water – I don’t like drinking from cups! The amount of water I drank since getting my Flask has dramatically increased! And that is not an exaggeration – before making this purchase, I would drink maybe 16 oz of water. Now I drink over 120 oz a day or more. Having a water bottle also enables me to be environmentally considerate.


When it comes to vacuums, you can purchase the cheaper ones that’ll most likely break within a couple of months. Or ones that will not work well on multiple flooring! The Dyson is pricy but I would not recommend it if I thought it was faulty. I love that it’s cordless (hello 21 st Century!) and works well. I have a half German Shepherd, half Siberian Husky living with me and let me tell you, my Dyson has been an absolute blessing!


This hair straightener is my favorite tool because I enjoy my look with straight hair. I often opt for my beautiful crazy curls but will use this for some days. It’s on the pricier side but has served me perfectly and does an amazing job. 100% Recommend!


Shaving is not my thing. I haven’t shaved in years since I found the beauty of waxing! I was always nipping myself while shaving and it caused some uncomfortable chaffing with clothes. Since I started waxing, my hair has come out more infrequently and my skin can be smooth for over a week (this is a huge accomplishment for me since shaving would keep me hairless for a day! My genes are such that my hair grew back almost instantly when shaving. Waxing has allowed me to be hair-free for a longer period of time. If your hair grows back within days while shaving – imagine if you wax?!)!


For me, mopping was the worst thing in the world. It felt unsanitary with the same mop head and I didn’t want to keep purchasing replacement heads. So that’s when I found Bissell! This is a wet vacuum that works wonders on my floor. It’s for all floor types so you don’t have to worry about wood flooring. I use this in combination with my Dyson for a clean floor. Living with an active doggo – keeping my floors extra clean is a must! Bissell offers their own formula for multiple floor types. Put the mop away!


When I am sore or just tired from a hard day at work, I pull out my Jawku! It works wonders and feels amazing. It comes with multiple attachment heads and is a must-have for all you hard workers. It’s on the pricier side but believe me when I say it’s worth it!


I’ve had these for over three years and love them. They’re the only sunglasses I own at the moment and I take them with me everywhere. When driving, the sun’s reflection off other people’s cars could damage your eyes. Do your best to have sunglasses with you wherever you go – especially during the brighter summer days. RayBan is a great company that makes dependable eyewear. If the Aviator style is not your thing – they carry countless different styles fit for everyone.