Oh blissful summer, you’re coming to a close. We’ll miss you!

Aren’t we all just ready for October? Despite everything going on in the world, let’s enjoy the spookiness with some classical horror movies. Or…let’s have a spookily romantic date with ourselves that includes cotton candy and our favorite chocolates!

While we’re ready – are we prepared? I’ve included two monthly favorites that will get you ready for the colder months ahead. Enjoy!

Hunter Boots – to keep you warm and dry!

Yes, and yes again! I absolutely love my Hunter boots because they’re comfortable and keep my feet dry during rainy weather. You know I’m all about quality and with these, you won’t have to worry about much other than what cute outfit to pair them with!

Let the rain pour! Shout “bring it on” with these adorable rainboots. They are stylish and scream “fun sweater weather”. They go well with a casual or professional outfit. Hunter boots will keep your feet dry (even when you’re jumping in puddles). Bringing these puppies out every fall is a highlight of my transitioning from warm to cold weather.

Keurig – for those chilly days in

Coffee and tea are musts regardless if it’s winter or not. However, during these colder days, it’s sometimes best to stay in and make your cuppa in your sweats.

It surely beats driving to the coffee shop! Stay warm. Stay inside. Stay caffeinated! And 😉 save some money!

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