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Bane’s History with me @banebarks

Bane was taken home in July of 2017. He stayed with my partner’s family (my partner lived at home at the time) until this year. When my partner and I moved into our apartment, we decided to take him in. Our love has only grown from him by having him so close to us. He is a German Husky (my take on dogs that are half German Shepherd and half Siberian Husky). He gives his hoomans lots of love and lots of kisses.

Dogs are truly the epitome of love and loyalty. Before Bane came into my home – things were just pretty quiet around here. There was that little light in my life that was missing. As soon as he showed up, it was like something inside of me turned on. This caring human being that I never knew existed came out and I knew that from that point on – I would always have a four-legged companion! –