5 Reasons You Should Get a Pet!

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Living with a pet is a great responsibility that may seem daunting at first. When you are running the idea over in your head you might come up with every reason NOT to go through with it.

Lemme assure you – I was on the same boat! I wanted to invite a large dog into my home but the doubt was overwhelming. I live in an apartment and thought I wouldn’t be able to work it out. When I had @banebarks in our apartment, things went amazingly well. We made sure he was properly exercised and he was happier than ever. I go more in detail on living with a large dog in an apartment here.

Having a pet live in your home is a blessing. They teach us things about ourselves that may shock us and we love them all the more for it. Instead of reasons why you shouldn’t be a pet parent – here are reasons why you totally should!

1. Healthy for your mental state

Pets look to you for love, food and attention (you may find yourself seeking their attention more than they seek yours!). Just having them in your presence could completely change the way you go about your day. Having the ability to hold them, touch them or see them can give you comfort when you’re going through it rough. Therapy dogs, for example, are used to comfort individuals with anxiety or PTSD.

Pets give more than they could ever take from us and we are so lucky to have them with us. If you find yourself feeling lonely or maybe you’re going through a point in your life that’s difficult – a pet could help you get through the rough patches. You will grow to love them more for it and reinforce your bond.

2. Physical benefits

If you are looking for a walking or running partner – dogs make excellent companions (if you like to go on bike rides – I highly recommend the Walky Dog attachment for your bike).They motivate you to get up from the couch and take them on their daily walks (or are they taking you?). If having a dog is the route you want to take – physical exercise is in your horizon! To have even more fun – Matthew and I use this 100 ft dog leash so Bane can run around more freely at the park.

Cats and pigs are popular pets and they too require physical stimulation. 15-30 minutes of play time will brighten their fun and your mood. I can’t think of other pets that you’d find in a typical household that would require physical workouts or playtime. If you have any in mind – please feel free to leave a comment!

3. Maturity

Being responsible for a pet is a lot of work and comes with some positive character traits! If you live on your own – you are taking on the care and love of a beautiful creature. During the process of caring for your pet, you will learn about yourself and be more confident in your ability to handle the situation when it gets tough. If you live with others, they too can learn how to appropriately manage the care of a pet. Children, for example, can be taught to give the pet respect and in turn learn how to properly handle them I encourage my sister with an only-child to bring a pet into her home in order for her daughter to grow in maturity and responsibility. This flows perfectly to the next positive!

4. Responsibility

Any pet requires responsibility. Some need more than others and you should choose one appropriate for you. If you can’t or don’t want to be as active but still want to enjoy living with a pet in your home – consider a cat. If find that you would rather not have a furry friend – consider a fish! Fish will need their water filtered and have a comfortable home with cool looking coral! But, other than the occasional check-up on water, they will just need to be fed at specified times. If you plan on getting a fish, please make sure they have sufficient room to swim about freely (especially if you get more than one!).

5. Bonding/Love

Bringing a pet into your home will open your heart to something beautiful. There is nothing like coming home to a pet! With time and even as short as a day – you will grow an amazing bond with this creature. It truly makes you a better person to give your love and attention to another being. For people that are out there alone – I 100% recommend a pet that fits your lifestyle.

P.S. – If you decide to get a dog and live in an apartment – be sure to check out my guide to apartment living with a dog here. Also, a good idea is to get Follow my beautiful dog Bane @banebarks and if you have a pet yourself – I would love to follow you and see adorable pictures of your pet!

Please comment below if you have any questions or if you would like to see specific content on dogs (I am no expert but living with one is a great teacher!).

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