In this article I discuss what HIIT and OMAD are, how I incorporated these two methods into a 2-week challenge and what my results were. I will also walk you through each day of my challenge by showing you what I ate and what exercises I did! This 2 week weight loss challenge really surprised me! Keep reading and learn how you can join me in what has become my favorite challenge to do!

Me in 2017

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My background

But first, I’ll give you a little background about me and my health history. I’m a 29 year old 5’3 Latina. I’ve eaten horribly all my life and I loathed the thought of exercise. At a young age my ideal latchkey kid meal consisted of hot chips, candy and a nice Coca-Cola. I was the only overweight person in a household of 10 people! Big busts run in my family. By the age of 11 I had DDDs which resulted in a lot of trauma, including sexual assaults even at school.

Summer after 6th grade I had gained so much weight that I was unrecognizable to my friends. It was so bad that they literally had no idea who I was. Depression will do that to you! By the time I was 25 I weighed 303lb. I did Keto and got down to 219lb! At the start of this challenge I weighed 253lb. That’s just a brief story about my health history!

Me in 2020

Why I Started This 2 Week Weight Loss Challenge

The goal of this challenge was for me to learn something new about my body and to kickstart my life into the world of… exercise! I think some of us really dread the thought of exercise. I know I did! So much so that for years I followed a Keto diet that didn’t require any of it. I had success with Keto. I lost 75lb without even lifting a leg! Something was always missing though. I still didn’t feel accomplished. I felt like I was cheating my way through success because deep down I knew that exercise was my Golden ticket to health. Deep down I knew would reach a certain point where I would need to exercise. Eventually this guilt trip led me to feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything at all.

When you lack self love, things that are supposed to make you proud don’t. That’s a story for another time though and boy do I have plenty of stories! The point is that this 2 week weight loss challenge wasn’t really about me losing weight, it was about me proving to myself that I can do 10 minutes of cardio each day for 2-weeks. That I’m capable and I’m no longer full of excuses! Our bodies are built to work. Our hearts are built to withstand and even love… exercise!

omad and hiit weightloss meal

What This 2 Week Challenge Is

So what is this challenge? Well let me tell you all the details and maybe you’ll decide to do this challenge with me too! The challenge is to do 10 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) every day plus OMAD (One Meal A Day). No excuses, no missed days, no screw ups and no complaining! Let’s get into a brief discussion about what HIIT and OMAD are.

OMAD stands for One Meal A Day. It means you fast for 23 hours and consume all your calories in a 1-hour eating window. It’s important to note that you should always speak with your physician before starting any new diet. OMAD is considered a diet. And, if used correctly, OMAD is a tool for weight loss. But, this form of intermittent fasting is not recommended for vulnerable groups like the elderly, children, and people with health conditions.

HIIT stands for High-intensity interval training. HIIT is considered an exercise strategy in which you alternate intense cardio with resting periods. So for example; I exercised on my stepper for an average of 1 minute before I felt like I couldn’t go any longer, I then rested for 1-2 minutes. You push yourself as hard as possible in the smallest amount of time and then take a break. Again, it is important that you contact your physician before starting any diet or exercise regimen.

How To Apply

Great! Now that you’re educated on these two terms you’ll be able to apply them into your life if you choose to. You’ll also be able to apply them how you want to. Here’s the rule of thumb I followed. I chose to do 10 minutes of HIIT each day on the same exercise equipment. I ate what I wanted for my OMAD so long as it was beneath my caloric intake. There! That simple!

  1. Find an exercise routine or equipment that not only gets your heart racing quickly but also excites you! Remember you want to do and use something that’ll quickly push you to your limits. I used the Sunny Stepper which I will go into more detail below.

2. Plan out your meals if possible! Make sure you stay below your caloric intake. You can find your caloric intake here. I put “little to no exercise” because when I’m not doing my 10 minutes of HIIT, I’m sitting down working.

What Equipment I Used

Sunny Stepper

I’m going to recommend the Sunny Stepper because I am completely in love with it. There are so many benefits, I’m shocked I didn’t purchase this killer machine sooner. It costs as little as 7 fast-food meals but instead of killing you this little guy will bring you back to life. You can adjust the settings to intensify your workouts. It also comes with resistance bands that will have you sweating bullets! I used them in the beginning to help me stay stable as I got adjusted to my stepper. I hate the look of exercise equipment anywhere in a living space. Since I live in a house with roommates I also didn’t feel comfortable exercising in our living room. That’s why I chose the Sunny Stepper. It’s small, compact, stores away easily and it packs a punch! I pull it out of my closet, exercise and put it away!

sunny stepper for weight loss

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Let’s Talk Shoes

Using the stepper requires sneakers. I’m one of those people that dislikes shoes in the house. Using a gift card I was gifted I bought myself indoor-only sneakers for when I want to exercise inside my house. I went with Under Armour running shoes. They’re comfortable, stylish and affordable.

running shoes for weight loss

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Sand Weights

The resistance bands included with my stepper help take the exercise to another level. But I also wanted to be able to lift weights in the air so I went with my one-pound sand weights. My body is so weak that when I did this on Day 6, I woke up sore the next day! Yes… one-pound weights did that to me. The awesome thing about the weights is that they are small and easy to grip. They’re also comfortable because they’re made of sand. The weights help me target areas of my body that I can’t target with my resistance bands.

sand weights for weight loss

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After my meals I consumed 12 Juice+ Gummy’s. I had the Fruits, Veggies and Berries, 4 gummy’s of each. Each gummy has 1 gram of sugar. I noticed when I would eat the gummy’s before lunch I would get hungry within minutes. I’m pretty sure the added sugar in these supplements were the culprit. I ended up eating them after meals to reap all the benefits without the hunger. They are super delicious and taste like actual candy except more fresh and tasty.

However, I will be switching over to Juice+ Capsules to avoid the added sugar but still consume all the wonderful properties in them. Juice+ gave me a ton of extra energy during this challenge. It is quite pricey (priced at $50 a month for 4 months) so I would only buy it if you want to try something new. It has worked for me but I’ve read reviews where other people state otherwise.

Everybody’s body is different. Initially and even now the price does turn me off. I’m going to try the capsules for 4 months and write an honest review. If you do want to check out Juice+ you can do so here. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my energy and even better, I don’t wake up with Liver or Gallbladder pains anymore which means I’m able to work out in the morning! Something I wasn’t able to do before discovering Juice+

juice plus used during omad and hiit

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Learn From My Mistakes

Don’t start a weight loss challenge with the sole intention of losing weight. You may be disappointed if you go in thinking you’ll lose 2lb in 1 week. 1lb is 3500 calories! That’s equivalent to 2 fast food meals with dessert! It takes 10 hours of running to lose 3500 calories! Pretty insane right?! Do this challenge as a way to learn something new about your body. You’ll have more fun with it this way.

You’re Not Me, I’m Not You!

Our bodies are beautiful and they have unique qualities. For example Bananas and onions bloat me and make me feel extremely lethargic but other people eat bananas and feel like they can take on the world. So don’t compare yourself to me or anyone else you see on the internet. What bloats me may give you super-human energy during your day! You’re beautiful, own it! By the way, I still eat bananas but I go in knowing how I’ll feel afterwards so I counteract it by drinking water which leads me to this…

Water Is Your Best Friend

One thing we all do have in common is that our bodies love WATER. During this challenge I made sure to stay hydrated. I’ll be honest, I ate like crap during these past 2 weeks. Fast food meals led to bloating. All I did was drink water and all of a sudden I went from feeling like a stuffed turkey to being light on my feet. I use my hydro flask to drink water. No one likes plastic anymore ever since being eco friendly became mainstream. The truth is, plastic is bad for you and the environment. So ditch the plastic and go with a Hydro Flask. I notice I drink more water when I have my Hydro Flask by my side. I like to drink cold water and my HF does the job.

hydro flask for water intake during omad and hiit

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Hidden Giveaway: As a thank you for reading this blog post I am giving away a free vinyl decal for your hydro flask. See picture for example. This is just for the first 5 people that leave a comment on this blog post. So leave a comment ASAP!

Now To The Stats

I weighed myself using my sister’s scale. I weighed a total of 253.4lb! This was my real weight because prior to weighing myself I had already begun eating One Meal A Day and as a result I wasn’t bloated or carrying any excessive water weight. I also exercised each and every day for just 10 minutes doing HIIT on my stepper.

1st Day

Weight: 253.4lb
Food Consumed: 3 Carnita Tacos with homemade chicken soup.
This day was off to an okay start. Chicken soup is a staple in a healthy lifestyle! I was visiting my sister and they had droves of unhealthy snacks but I stuck with my plan and looked forward!

2nd Day

Weight: 251.2lb
Food Consumed: 3 Carne Asada Tacos (a Mexican staple) One avocado (also a Mexican staple cultivated and created by our ancestors) with corn chips (also created by our ancestors)
I’m almost half Native American. I did some research and avocados, potatoes, and corn make me feel amazing. They also happened to be foods that my ancestors created and consumed regularly. Could this be the reason why I lose more weight when I eat corn? Is my DNA helping me?

3rd Day

Weight: 249.4lb
Food consumed: 3 steak tacos with mashed avocado.
So far I have been consuming traditional Native American dishes and look at that weight melt off! I also have a high amount of energy.

4th Day

Weight: 248.6lb
Food Consumed: 2 cups of apple cider juice, 3 Mymos mochi ice cream, 2 meat lovers pizza slices, 1 lunchable.
Woke up this morning with nearly 5lb lost and I felt amazing. After I consumed this meal at 1pm I felt like total and complete crap! I wasn’t surprised the next morning when I stepped on the scale…

5th Day

Weight: 249.6lb
Food Consumed: 2 cups macaroni, 1 cup crackers.
I wasn’t hungry at all this day! My eating from the day prior made me feel sick to my stomach. I still exercised though! No excuses!

6th Day

Weight: 249.6lb
Food Consumed: Burger King Whopper with cheese and small fries.
This day was a good day for me and even though I only slept for a few hours the night before I felt relatively energized.

7th Day

Weight: 249lb
Food consumed: 1 nectarine, 1 small salad, 1 cup of watermelon.
I absolutely love watermelon and nectarines. But I instantly felt horrible when I ate them and I had to run to the rest room. It made my appetite go away and it also caused me to get bloated.

8th Day

Weight: 247.8lb
Food Consumed: Chilaquilles, my favorite Mexican brunch.
I indulged in this traditional Aztec dish and man, I enjoyed every second of it. Still exercised though! I thanked my ancestors with every bite for their ingenious and delicious creations. I then sweated it out on my stepper with a fat smile on my face!

9th Day

Weight: 248.4lb
Food Consumed: Mexican Burrito.
Rice and flour were not introduced into Nahuatle (Aztec) dishes until colonization so when I eat rice or flour I blow up like a balloon. Still… it’s worth it!

10th Day

Weight: 249.2lb
Food Consumed: Taco Bell Nacho Box.
When I’m in the mood for fake Mexican food I go to Taco Bell. It’s cheap and convenient. Not only that but it actually helps me lose weight since most of the ingredients don’t make me bloat.

11th Day

Weight: 248.4lb
Food Consumed: Jack In The Box Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Cheese and small fries.
So far I’m actually feeling pretty good and energized!

12th Day

Weight: 247.6lb
Food Consumed: Burger King again.
Have you guys noticed that their burgers taste better since they’ve switched over to no preservatives?

13th Day

Weight: 247.6
Food Consumed: Taco Bell Nacho Box again.
It made me feel good last time but I mistakenly asked for a diet Baja blast and let me tell you… don’t do it.

14th Day

Weight: 245.6lb
Food Consumed: Mexican Burrito again.
You always celebrate with a burrito when you’re Mexican, it’s tradition.


I lost 7lb in 2 weeks with this challenge! Woot woot!
I am so proud that I was able to follow through with this challenge. This upcoming month I’m going to do the same challenge except I’ll be eating strictly ketogenic foods. So stay tuned and make sure to follow @finessinglife on Instagram to be alerted when my next editorial blog post is published. With much love, Coco aka @Sugarsquats

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