16 Ways to Save Money This Month!

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Saving money is a moot point for a lot of people (myself included). It doesn’t have to be a terrible thing though! Just think about different ways to save money every month and I’m sure you’ll get creative.

When I was trying to cut back and build a better budget – I slowly but surely got to a place I felt more comfortable in. If you’re reading this and aren’t sure where to start – I hope this post helps you out. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below! I would also love to hear about any money-saving tips you apply to your budget! Thank you and I hope you enjoy the read ?.

1. Cable

brown crt tv on brown wooden table

This is one that I instantly thought of while drafting this post. Who needs cable nowadays right?! With so much free content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more – cable is definitely not a necessity.

Think about how much money you’d save if you gave up cable for a year. Is it over $600 for some of you? That may seem like a little when it’s taken out month by month but it adds up to a hefty amount. Think about cutting your cable and watching some fun videos on YT. Cat videos will entertain you for hours!

2. Movie/TV Show Subscriptions

photo of flat screen television

In place of cable? – Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Off the bat, Amazon Video comes with all Prime Memberships and I bet you have a Prime membership. *For students, they give a reduced yearly charge*

For the others such as Netflix and Hulu – why not join forces with a friend or family member? Think about everyone you know and what they’re subscribed to. If you’re subscribed to the same thing – why not start a family plan and share accounts? I do this for all of my accounts and it works perfectly.

The monthly charge of $15 or so dollars can be reduced to a couple bucks a month for you. Consider going this route with people you know will keep their word and pay their share.

3. Eating at Home!

burger on brown wooden round plate beside black ceramic mug

Nothing beats a late-night run to McDonald’s (@me)! But alas, the money spent there and at other fast food restaurants will drill a hole in your wallet. If you look back at your bank statements and add up how much you spend on eating out – the number may startle you.

Eating at home doesn’t have to be lackluster or boring! There are countless recipes you can find on Pinterest and YouTube for free! It can save you a couple hundred bucks a month if you chow down your meals at home.

I have Snapware Glass Containers I use instead of plastic ones. They have lasted me years and helped me keep my food fresher for longer. Give it a try and add up the money you can save by eating at home for a week or two.

Lemme know what you find in the comments! 

4. Using Electricity/Gas at Certain Times

white plastic laundry basket beside black front load washing machine

Maybe this is a little extreme. But…maybe not! Depending where you live and who services you for electricity, gas, water and etc. – there are times in the day where it’s cheaper to do laundry, shower and run the dishwasher.

My family laughs at me but I wait until I wake up in the morning to run the dishwasher and do laundry. If I can help it, I do my best to do it in what’s called the “off-peak” hours. For reference, I live in California. The usage goes up a good amount here during the hot season. In order to keep the bill down – I plan my laundry!

Btw – the best dishwasher detergent on the market (in my opinion) is Cascade Platinum Plus.

5. Buy in Bulk

clear glass jars with white and brown stones

Buying in bulk can help you save on a monthly basis. Think of items that you use AND won’t go bad ex: paper towels or toilet paper for starters. If you can buy these items in bulk at wholesale establishments such as Costco or Sam’s Club, you can save a good amount. *You will need memberships for these but they may offer discounts if you are student*

Ideally, you will buy items you know your household will use no matter what. But if you have a big household, you can even buy bulk food amounts. BTW – Costco gas is usually always cheaper than gas in the surrounding areas. I have a membership with them and I use it almost 80% of the time for the gas.

6. Auto-ship on Amazon

pile of brown boxes beside purple wooden wall

I make sure I auto-ship items that I know I’ll use consistently. An example of this is dishwasher detergent from Amazon. You won’t save a whole lot but if you can group items together to a total of five – you get a bigger discount. My top five are toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, laundry scent boosters and deodorant.

7. Unplug Items Not In Use

clear glass bulb on human palm

You can save hundreds of dollars a year just by unplugging items you don’t use. This can include phone chargers, your Keurig, laptop chargers, gaming consoles (Nintendo Switch anyone?), etc. You get the gist of it! Unplug and save money!

You are also doing loads of good to the environment. There is no need for your phone charger to stay plugged in all day if you only use it for a couple of hours!

8. Use Water Filters

white and blue plastic bottle on beach shore during daytime

I used to buy cases and cases of water bottles because my refrigerator never had a filter. I thought water bottles were just the thing to use in those circumstances.

That was until my old roommate introduced me to Brita! I purchased the 18-cup Brita water container and will NEVER go back to water bottles!

Brita advertises that just one long-lasting filter is equivalent to 900 water bottles! Plastic is terrible for the environment. This is no secret so let’s help do our part and convert to plastic-free methods when we can! Besides, no one ever looked cool walking around with a water bottle! Try a Hydroflask instead with all your cool stickers that you secretly wanna show off (this is me).

9. Coffee at home!

white teacup filled with coffee

How much does a small cup of coffee go for at your go-to shop? By drinking your coffee at home – you can save a good chunk of money monthly. There are plenty of ways to make your perfect cup of joe at home.

If you’re more into the simple like me – you’re good with a Single-cup Keurig  and your Starbucks Pike Place Cups. But if you are the true coffee connoisseur like that one friend of mind – you can have your own coffee shop at home with a coffee espresso machine.

Enjoy the little things though! Never forget to do that! Reward yourself for your accomplishments and enjoy a trip to the coffee shop every once in a while. To save confidently, you have to make sure you give yourself treats along the way.  

10. Work Out at Home Instead of the Gym

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Gym memberships might be something a lot of people buy before New Years. And it’s also something that not a lot of people use to its full effect!

If you are getting started with exercise, think about buying a yoga mat with some dumbbells. There are countless free workouts out there you can try from the comfort of your own home. Chloe Ting has amazing videos that will help you work out your entire body for free! And a lot of these you can do at home!

11. Costco Gas/ Public Transportation

photography of train in station

This might be tailored to people that live in states where Costco is prevalent (I’m from Cali). If you are – consider getting the Costco credit card which allows you to get 4% cashback on all gas purchases! Their gas also tends to be cheaper than their surrounding counterparts.

On a different note – you can also begin to take public transportation to your destinations. When I was solely using my car to get to work – I was spending over $200 on gas a month! This is a lot of money for me. I quickly realized taking the light rail would save me over $100 a month since my job would subsidize the monthly light rail ticket.

12. Cheaper Insurance for Older Cars

aerial photography of gray concrete roads

If your car is as old as a high school student – consider shopping around for cheaper insurance (if this works with your family situation). My car is over 14 years old so I was able to barter for cheaper insurance due to my stellar driving record!

13. Minimalism

white petaled flower centerpiece

Minimalism has saved me a lot of money and helped me be more environmentally conscience. A couple of years ago I would have gone to a store and bought items on impulse. Now, I pick up an item and imagine it in my home. If I don’t see myself using it or appreciating it next year – I put it back.

Since beginning my journey with minimalism, I buy what I need and make sure the items are of good quality. It’s more than just a lifestyle – it’s a mentality! If you are interested in learning more about minimalism, please click here. It’s a post where I go more in depth on reasons why you should try Minimalism.

I found Minimalism with the help of Marie Kondo. She goes in depth on Minimalism and being happy with what you have in her book, Spark Joy.

14. Buying Off Brand Sometimes

assorted logo lot

We all know the main household and clothing brands! The difference between named brands and generic items are the name. Never forget this when making the purchase and make sure you ask yourself, “Am I purchasing this product because I love the results/quality or because of its brand?”.

Of course, there are items that you will want to purchase from reputable companies such as my Dyson vacuum or a sturdy stand-mixer from KitchenAid. But for items such as hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and towels – I prefer to go with something that still works but is cheaper in price.

I love Amazon Basics! I buy some of my clothing from there and a lot of my household items from them. See if you can save money by buying off-brand on occasion – let me know in the comments below what you purchased!

15. Sales and Coupons!

person written Sale! on sticky note

More often than not – the stores you go to will have coupons available. Before shopping at a certain location, I will scour the internet for some coupons (or just search the store on Groupon).

When shopping online – I literally type in the store name and add “coupon/sale”. You’d be amazed at how many deals you can find! A lot of stores will give you a one-time coupon if you sign up for their newsletter. In order to not cram your inbox, I would suggest creating a new email for promotional items like this.

16. Try Waxing at Home

I LOVE waxing on my own. It’s the best form of hair removal for me. I haven’t waxed in years! Some of you may go to the salon in order to remove upper lip hair. What does that cost you? $10? $15? $20?!

I noticed how much I was spending on waxing every month and decided to make a one-time purchase of my Starpil Wax Warmer. I cannot recommend this product enough! It’s used by various professional waxers.

I also use their hard wax. You will not regret it! The warmer is a bit on the pricier side but I have had mine for over five years and I love it. It works perfectly and Starpil’s wax beads (hard wax) are great quality.

If you are interested in learning more about waxing – leave a comment and I would be more than happy to share my experiences with you.

*I am not a professional waxer. I do not have an esthetician license. I wax only at home and do not do it professionally. If you have any skin conditions, please refer to a medical professional/your doctor on whether waxing is okay for you.*

Thank you for reading, Finessing Fam!

*I will earn a small percentage of commission on any items you purchase through the links I’ve used – thanks again!

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