We’ve all been down and out. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing an amazing date with your significant other! You don’t have to break the bank every time you want to see your boo! If you are #singlelife – you can try these ideas out with your friends as well. Read below for cheap date ideas you can try today!

Nothing’s better than spending time with loved ones.

You’ll see some links to items that may be pricier than a date but keep in mind that they are reusable and can take you on countless dates!

1. Picnic in the Park!

people playing soccer on green grass field during daytime

Sign me up! There’s something about chilling on the ground and smelling fresh-cut grass that lifts the spirits! I bet there’s a park at least five miles from where you live (right?). This is a great cheap date and a way to get out and smell the fresh air!

Picnics are a fun way to get together. One person brings the food and the other the drinks – it’s only fair! Whether it be sandwiches or lunchables, soak up some nice sun (wear sunscreen please!).

I love picnicking with my person. Our must haves are the following:

2. Candlelight Dinner

two white tealight candles

This can be a romantic or fun way to get together with your best buddies. Is that love in the air?

Let’s keep this one simple with some reusable LED candles and a little suave music in the background using a mini speaker. If you’re having trouble deciding what to cook, check out Americas Test Kitchen – they have some free recipes and are a hit!

Beer or wine – candles always make for a relaxing ambiance!

3. Hiking!

person hiking above mountain overlooking river

Hiking doesn’t have to be a pain! Usually doing a quick Google search on easier hikes will render a variety of amazing trails. It’s a fun date idea because you get to see nature at its best – without industry.

Seeing beautiful sights with your loved ones is a wonderful experience and can bring you closer. My partner and I love hiking and make sure to have these essentials:

If it’s a longer hike we’ll pack some lunch. Otherwise we keep it simple and take our Flasks.  

4. Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

person standing on hill

This is a beautiful moment to share with someone you care about. It costs nothing and brings a great experience into your relationship. If you can find a spot that overlooks the city – hang out there!

Add in the sunrise/sunset and you have a Hollywood moment with your significant other/best friend. Take some water and some positive vibes! Bring a little music with your Mini Speaker – JBL Portable Waterproof Speaker and you’ve got a hit.

5. Play Video/Board Games

man and woman playing foosball table

Am I the only one that enjoys playing video games? I feel like everyone my age has outgrown me!

If you’re into video games and want to show off your awesome marksman skills to your person – try some Call of Duty. If you are looking for something that is funny yet cute – beat your partner in Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart! Another game I love to play is Mario Tennis!

Playing video games is a cute way to challenge your partner and can even be used as bets (for my partner it’s “if I win – you cook dinner!”).

6. Go on a Drive!

vehicle on road between trees

There’s something calming about going on a drive. Maybe you’ll put on a little music and bring snacks. With friends or your significant other – long drives can be just the thing you need to unwind.

My partner and I go on a drive at least once a week. We use this time to explore areas in our city and find the cutest hidden nooks. This is also a time we use to talk about our future. If you’ve tried this – what do you talk about?

Try going on a drive and making it a point to relax. The best time to go, in my opinion, is when the sun is setting or at night. Don’t forget to bring your furry friend!

Bane often joins us in our drive and we make sure to use our Car Backseat Cover for Pets. It helps keep our backseat clean!

7. Go to the Museum

assorted paintings on white painted wall

If there’s a museum near you – visiting it could be a great date. Admission shouldn’t be too costly and there are deals for students! And (correct me if I’m wrong) if you have a Bank of America account, you’re able to visit a museum for free once a month!

Spending time in peace and quiet while admiring pieces of art is a great date. This moment is made even better when you share your critique of the piece. There are countless museums out there – big and small that will add to your couple’s cred!

8. Go out for Ice Cream!

pink ice cream LED sign

Super simple yet enjoyable! I can’t help but picture the ice cream scene in The Notebook (I’m not the only one right?).

Enjoying some ice cream with your significant other is an inexpensive trip for two.

It brings you closer together since the art of ice-cream eating can be flirtatious and fun! Key word “fun”!

9. Visit Historic Sites in Your City/Town

greyscale photo of houses

Does your city or town have that one spot you can’t read about on Google? One that only locals know about? Well, if so – why not go visit that with your person?

Exploring remote or new locations with a partner is a bonding experience that adds to moments you’ve shared together.Other locations your city/town is known for can also be great sites for the two of you.

Build on things like these and it can really set you apart as a couple. After all – couples that explore together have a greater bond (in my opinion!).

10. Seasonal Events

people wearing yellow and white floral traditional dress

Seasonal or cultural events are jam packed with things to do and are the perfect cheap date! These are usually free or require a small admission fee. An example can be a beer fest or heck – even the farmer’s market!

You’ll find the best trinkets in these and will have a blast with your partner!

11. Volunteering Together

two person standing beside red flower close-up photography

What’s a date that not only doesn’t cost any money but gives back? Volunteering together! Whether this is setting up a free dog-walking day in your neighborhood or helping out at the shelter, you are doing a good.

This can help you look at your partner in a new light where their goodwill shines through. The same will be seen in you!

There are many volunteer opportunities out there that can reflect what you two care about. Is it planting trees together? Helping at the dog shelter? Helping feed those in need? Donating clothes?

12. Work a Gig Together!

brown leather bifold wallet on white newspaper

This one doesn’t cost a penny but will surely add one to your wallet! If there are one-time gigs available near you – consider inviting your partner to work on it with you.

Whether you need the money or not – this can be a fun activity. You’ll be working together towards the same goal and can experience team work in a paid setting!

Be careful when working a gig like this as the employer will usually pay cash for these sorts of things. Make sure the venue is a safe place for you and your partner!

13. Take Pictures Together

woman using camera

Snap it!

Okay – not all of us are super confident around our special person. If you’re like me – it takes a while to get to the level of confidence to relax around them completely! Taking pictures helps build confidence with your partner. It’s also a way of opening up to them if you’re up to it.

You’ll find that going to a scenic environment and taking pictures is a blast! This is a cost-effective way to document sweet moments together.

Go out there and capture memories!

14. Cooking

person pouring egg yolks on white stand mixer

Cooking/baking might not be your thing. But imagine how cool it would be to try this out! Baking a cake together is another expression of teamwork.

Brownies? Cupcakes? Cakes? Cookies? What’s your thing?

Mine is cookies and these are some of the tools you’ll need:

  1. Baking sheet
  2. Cookie scoop
  3. KitchenAid Mixer
  4. Rack

If you have a recipe, please feel free to drop it down in the comments below!

These are some cheap dates for those of you looking for a fun time that doesn’t hurt your wallet! Also, if you are looking for ways to save money this month, be sure to check out my post on 16 Ways to Save Money this Month.

Any feedback is appreciated and again, thank you all for taking the time to read!

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