Organize Your To-Do List Today!

organized work space and organized writing of to-do lists

To-do lists. These lists are usually a complete mess with nothing to tie them together. Because of this chaos, the items on these lists are likely not getting done! So, if you’re here, you’re looking to organize your to-do list for optimal productivity. Well lucky for you I am a to-do list guru that loves […]

20 Tips on How to be a Good Girlfriend!

Intro Hey Finessing Fam! In this blog post I’ll go in depth on how to be a good girlfriend/partner. We often times live in a world of “me” and “I”. I believe this leads to a lot of broken hearts and misunderstanding. I would never advocate for loss of self or self-appreciation! Quite the opposite […]

2 Week Weight Loss with OMAD and HIIT!

In this article I discuss what HIIT and OMAD are, how I incorporated these two methods into a 2-week challenge and what my results were. I will also walk you through each day of my challenge by showing you what I ate and what exercises I did! This 2 week weight loss challenge really surprised […]

10 Steps to Make Eating at Home Easier!

Intro Eating out EATS away at our pockets. And more often than not, eating out consists of unhealthy foods. But why do we do it? Because it’s easier and less time consuming! But, with the proper planning and a little effort, you can make eating at home a lot easier! You can save hundreds of […]

7 Ways to Reduce Impulse Buying!

Intro Hi Finessing Fam! In this post I’ll be going over how to reduce impulse buying. Impulse buying is a difficult thing to manage. One moment you’re entering the store and the next you’re at home with ten items you know you don’t need. I’ve been there and speaking from first-hand experience – it sucks! […]

14 Cheap Date Ideas You Can Try Today!

Cheap date ideas that’ll save you money! From going out to staying in – read more on how you can have a great time with your significant other without breaking the bank!

16 Ways to Save Money This Month!

Are you looking to save money this month? Saving money is a moot point for a lot of people (myself included), but these 16 money-saving tips will get you started on saving money this money and every month after! When I was trying to cut back and build a better budget – I slowly but […]

September’s 2020 Must-Haves!

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Hello my people! As we transition from summer to fall – let’s take this time to prepare for the colder months. Something that affects me is the lack of sunlight in the morning hours that is prevalent in summer. During the colder and darker-morning months I like to […]

Change YOUR LIFE with Minimalism!

Why should you choose Minimalism as your lifestyle? What is it and how do I get started? – Read on to look at how Minimalism has changed my life and can change yours too. I include a list of why Minimalism is a great choice on approaching more than just the physical.